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Nimble Kick

Kick sampler plugin typically used for Hardstyle. · By Nimble Tools

Bought nimble kick but didn't get a download link..

A topic by created 19 days ago Views: 51 Replies: 3
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Hi guys!

I just bought nimble kick but I didn't get a mail or a download link.. You can see that the payment is booked off my credit card but I didn't get a link..

Can someone please help me? 


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When did you buy it exactly? You should've received an email from Itch with a download link. You might've typo'd your email address if you never received an email. It would be good to get into contact with's support in that case.

Hi, I didn't typed the wrong email address.. when I filled it in I get the error that my credit card is not valid. but the money is gone from my credit card. I can show you the image that I paid...

Oh, I'm sorry that happened! :(

Please get in contact with the support, they'll be able to help resolve this issue for you: