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A topic by Wanderlust Games created May 07, 2020 Views: 497
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Please adhere to's Community Rules when posting on this discussion board.

  1. No flaming, trolling, spamming, or other disruptive behavior Anything that interrupts or stops the flow of normal conversation, such as numerous lines of 1 word of text, excessive caps, excessive links, etc. may result in your post being removed. Repeated offenses may result in account suspension.
  2. Do not create posts about sensitive topics that may instigate argument While we certainly respect free speech, we ask for your consideration of others in the channel and in our community. Avoid posting material that promotes polarizing views about religion, race, gender, politics, or any other groups.
  3. Harassment of any individual, regardless of if they are a member or not, will not be tolerated Messages containing inflammatory remarks, threats, or other abusive behavior toward another individual will result in account suspension. Posting personally identifying information about others is not allowed. This includes, but is not limited to: real names, email addresses, photos, phone numbers, and addresses.
  4. Do not attempt to impersonate any user, or pass yourself off as a moderator/administrator. While we encourage users to assist one another, please do not present yourself as having “official” information or otherwise mislead others.
  5. Do not post unsolicited or bulk advertising/promotion Comments and communities are not for advertisement or self promotion unless explicitly specified. If you feel you have something highly relevant and specific then feel free to share it, but if you're posting only for the sake of advertising then your posts will be removed and your posting abilities may be disabled. This also includes signatures or copy-pasted text appended to comments. Focus on creating quality comments and replies and people will be more likely to click back to your profile to learn more about what you've created.
  6. Do not violate the Terms of service