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CYTON | Psychological Horror

A topic by Rock Solid Games created May 06, 2017 Views: 122
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CYTON is a psychological horror game developed by a team of 4 developers.

After waking up inside a German mental asylum, you are left to uncover the secrets of the asylum no matter the cost while dealing with paranoia, paranormal and unbelievable happenings, and the battle between your mind and your surroundings. All you have is a flashlight and your will to live, its your decision to make it out alive. While going insane you (Mathew Whitman) struggle to keep your balance between reality and insanity intact as you advance your search to find out why you're there.


Fixed - Texture Glitch | Left Wing

Fixed - Ambient Occlusion Glitch | Wood Crates

Fixed - Skill Menu UI Scaling Issue

Fixed - Pause Menu UI Animation Performance Issues

Fixed - Collision Error Left Wing Walls

Fixed - Trim Overlapping | Left Wing

Fixed - Player Could Buy More Upgrades Than Available

Fixed - Flashlight Button Response Time

Fixed - Flashlight Directional Error

Fixed - Lightmapping Peformance Issues


Added - Skill Menu UI Animations

Added - Pause Menu Functionality

Added - Graphical Options

Added - Super Resolution Support

Added - 4K Texture Support

Added - Menu Sounds & Blips

Added - Updated Menu Music

Added - NEW Ambient Music Track

Added - Left Wing Expansion

Added - Visual Wall And Floor Grunge

Added - Blood FX | Blood Grunge & Dirt

Added - Death Screen Functionality