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City Clickers

Quintessential SimCity Clone But Not Really · By Eigen Lenk

A few additions?

A topic by thenesremake created May 06, 2017 Views: 141
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So I was thinking, and I thought that there are a few things that definitely would help new and old players alike. First and foremost, when building a shopping building to accommodate for new housing, it can seem impossible to get things right since houses will move to the most convenient store. You'll have to build around this if you're experienced, it it can be a very daunting task for new players, who may lose all their profits because of this mechanic. I think that something that would help is being able to see what shop, factory, and water tower each house is connected to by clicking on it, and when building a new shop/factory/water tower, to be able to see which houses will move to it rather than using trial-and-error. Also, I think that the fire station and fire hazard debuff come WAY too early on, and are too separated from the other debuffs. A new player could lose his entire city to fire, and have to remodel his city in order to accommodate for the new building. Also, if you won't move the time that you get the fire department, please change the profits it leeches. Honestly, it took half of my profits when I first got it. Thanks.