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1bit adventure game of cosmic horror inspired by the work of Junji Ito · By panstasz

The game is really janky overall

A topic by Nancok created 25 days ago Views: 557 Replies: 4
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The graphics are hard to see to begin with, but the mouse trail and how "slow" it moves makes pressing the small buttons harder than it needs to be, everything being the same color makes it hard to even find the buttons on the UI

I get that the idea was to give a retro look, but this is ridiculous

The fact that the campaigns have as much plot as a creepy pasta doesn't help much either


hey, I've added an option to disable the mouse trail in 0.9.14. I hope it'll make it slightly easier for you!


Well, no, the mouse trail is obviously the lesser of the issues

I still apreciate your effort :)


So, do you not realize that you can customize the color scheme in the options menu? Or are you just that dense? 


What are the actual system requirements for it? I've tried running it in a windows 7 laptop with 4gb ram and intel graphics, I thought it would be enough but it's reaaaaaally slow! Otherwise i'm running it on an imac and it's good.