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New issue of the Stellar Beacon a 'zine about tabletop RPGs and the broader culture

A topic by Festive Ninja created May 04, 2020 Views: 61
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The Stellar Beacon: Serendipity Issue features:

First Contract: Petram Explore what happens when the first outsiders in over a century visit a thriving world of religious experimentalists, in this adventure for the space opera RPG Return to the Stars.

Missive from a Woman in a Room in a City in a Country in a World Not Her Own An updated essay by India’s first Hugo nominee, Mimi Mondal.

Forging Fortunes Novelist S.T. Gibson shows you how you can employ the Tarot as a tool for world building and storytelling.

Sympathetic Magic A complete guide for a Fate magic system based on symbols and relationships between things and concepts. With rules for magical actions that characters can undertake in timebound conflicts to powerful rituals that can take campaign arcs to complete.

Making Your Own Trouble Check to see if your Fate character has strong double sided aspects that can be compelled.

No Preparation Fate Accelerated One-Shots Jochem van 't Hull shares his tested method for a fun, zero-prep Fate adventures-even if your players have never played the game before!

Enjoy a zine today!

Stellar Beacon: Serendipity Issue

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