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Rebel Spirit!

A topic by gate created May 04, 2020 Views: 215
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Hello everyone
We are a small team of friends who decided to release their first game.
We will be happy if you play it and write your feedback, as well as your suggestions for our next projects!

Learn more about the game:
The main character is a graduate of the prestigious magic academy, but as it is often to find a job was an impossible task, but he was able to correct the situation!
To do this, he will have to teach three students his magical style, but sometimes the tutor can help not only with study...

  • 3 stunning girls with a unique history!
  • With DragonBones technology, all the characters will move!
  • More than 15 CG art, most of which are animated!
  • We have tried to preserve all the unique mechanics of the genre Visual Novels for the best immersion in a huge and amazing story!

You can purchase the project here:

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