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Macbat 64

Macbat 64 is a 3D Platformer and 4:3 loveletter to the late 90s. · By Siactro

Is it possible to add this game to my library while it's on sale (for future download)?

A topic by Zelda_64 created May 02, 2020 Views: 409 Replies: 2
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I would like to claim this game and have it added to my library for future download. Is that possible to do while it's on sale? Thanks for all your hard work Siactro :)

I thought that if I downloaded it, it would appear in my library but it didn't. I actually thought that would help 

Is there a particular reason we can't do that like other free games I have came across here?  It is convenient to get it in our library so we can always have access to it later IMHO.