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Dear Customer !

A topic by khanh dever created May 03, 2017 Views: 140
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Inspire from Paper, Please.
Story about Rosy who starts working as Cashier. Every day is a new challenge. How long will Rosy keep her job ?

Store page :

Cashier job requirement :

  • Puzzle Handle

Each customer come in with different shape of goods, make sure to arrange them.

  • You can count !

Even though you are provided with a console to get the prices, what if it's broken ?

  • Adaptability

Struggle every day to serve customers as many as possible.

  • Solid mental

You don't fight back customers here, all their "praise" belong to you.

  • a story

You don't work alone ! Be friend with your co-worker.

  • Responsibility

This job comes up with a worker manual, but it's you to decide !