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Captain Busk

A topic by Pgaf100 created May 02, 2017 Views: 141
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Captain Busk is a platform, fantasy, dieselpunk, action and dystopian RPG, inspired on Bionic Commando, Megaman, Sonic and E-SWAT.


Busk is a bounty hunter who lives in the Brazalia Galaxy. This galaxy is in a civil war because of the emperor called Adeff Mistaff. After is trainning, Captain Busk is called by Adeff because of a attack in the Giridia Valley Planet by the Great Democratic Union then Captain Busk go to the planet to help the emperor and get some money. But, in the road to the Giridia Valley, the Union call Busk to help them.

Cofirmed Features:

Challenging Maps

Choose to help the Empire or the Union.

Side Quests


Planned Features:

Better AI(If the game sell much)

Frenetic Gameplay

Early Access...?


I hope everyone like the game!