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Lumberjack - Survival Game

A topic by whitehawk77 created May 02, 2017 Views: 227
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Face hunger and cold while trying to survive in the winter forest.

With axe as your only weapon use all the wood you find to make fire and rise your temperature.

You must hunt animals in order to eat something.

Wild animals will attack you whenever you get close to them.

Since deer is too fast for you you will have to hunt wolves and eat their meat at the beginning.

You can also:

  • make traps for animals out of wood piles
  • buy a dog which is fast enough to catch any animal

Sell wood and food to get money which you can use to buy:

  • better axe with which you can hunt animals and cut trees faster
  • better clothes which will keep you warmer
  • new tree which you can plant if you run out of wood
  • dog which will help you hunt animals a lot faster

Dog will be your only friend and you will have to fight to protect him.

When you own a dog you also have to watch out for his health and feed him, because he can also be killed by wild animals.

In the game there are several scores:

  • time score - you get a medal if you survive more than 30 minutes
  • money score - you get a medal if you own more than 1000 coins
  • wood score - you get a medal if you cut more than 100 trees
  • food score - you get a medal if you hunt more than 100 animals

Danger is all around you.

How long can you survive?

Download game at