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DragonRuby Game Toolkit

An intuitive 2D game engine. Fast, cross-platform, tiny, hot loaded. · By DragonRuby

We need Spine2D runtimes

A topic by Jaxxette created Apr 29, 2020 Views: 1,708 Replies: 4
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Support for industry standard 2D animation tools is a major consideration when choosing a 2D game engine. From what I can tell, this engine currently doesn't have that support, and the only alternative here would be to flatten out all of our animations into massive spritesheets. The result will be reduced animation quality and performance for many.

For me and I'm sure many others who would use this software, runtimes for industry standard 2D animation tools are going to be a make or break need.



YES, please support Spine.  please.


The Professional version of DragonRuby Game Toolkit allows you to create C Extensions. You can leverage any C library you’d like :-)


Gotta respond to this one, too. Spine makes stuff ugly because people have no idea how to make it look good.  Who cares if it's industry standard if the 'industry' makes ugly things with it.  *sigh*  


This is irrelevant. This isn't a thread about your anecdotal experience with other developer's animations and your personal appraisal on the quality of them.

Can we please keep this on topic? Thanks.