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Bomb aliens

A topic by Dvd819 created Apr 28, 2020 Views: 333 Replies: 1
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Hey,  Thanks for the game! It has been fun playing.  (I have been playing on iOS).

I've noticed the small bomb aliens (in the military base) explode when falling about >=4 blocks.  Even with this, they seem to always catch up to me very quickly and kill me.  As a result, I have been maxing our around the 1,100 depth level.  Are there any other strategies to deal with these aliens?



Thanks for playing! Your research was right :) The recommended strategy when being chased by a bomb alien is to stick to the escape route which means follow the golden path that usually indicates the safest path. Also, if you're trying maximize your chances to pass the military base, choose a character which power may help you in case you needed it. Good luck!