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A co-op precision platformer · By GFM

A Glitch I found

A topic by SpaceFriendIsTheBest created Apr 27, 2020 Views: 94 Replies: 5
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while trying to walk through a door with p2  I somehow fell through the floor so I pressed retry but it spawned both characters in the wall


Thanks for the bug report!

That shouldn't happen ever, although I think I remember the second entry point of the room right after the high jump boots being set incorrectly, and I'm not sure I ever fixed that...

Do you remember in which that happened? Also, which item you had equipped in each character (if any)?

Best regards!

I had not equipped any item and I had basically just started the game 


Did you download the game, or did you play it in the browser?

I'll try to reproduce that in the first few rooms.

I was playing in the browser


OK, I was able to partially reproduce it. If you retry in the first screen, before moving to the second screen, there's no entry point set in the room so you just start at the top left corner.

I'm still quite curious about the part that you fell through the floor... I still don't know how to reproduce that in that particular screen, and without the teleporter...