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[Sound] Any volunteers to voice act? (Looking for free voice actors for Visual Novel/RPG Game)

A topic by Raiden4280 created Apr 30, 2017 Views: 332 Replies: 1
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Hello! I am RAiDEN, just an small indie developer developing a game on the rpg maker.

I'm making a Visual Novel/RPG game called New Hope, it is supposed to be a fan game to both Persona and Danganronpa but mostly Persona, I'm looking for any volunteers who would to voice some lines for characters in the games as voice acting will not be in the entirety of the game, and I at least need 2 female voice actors & 3 male voice actors for the game.

It's a free game because I can't get a budget so that's why I was looking for free voice actors.

I already have some voice actors but here's the entire cast of characters in the game:

Daniel Green - Protagonist - Male Voice

Dante Nomura - His Partner - Male Voice

Jay Kundy - His Friend - Male Voice

Jen Monaghan - His Girlfriend - Female Voice

Abby Fazbear - Friend - Female Voice

Ali Wild - Best Friend (Important Character) - Male Voice

Sam Shadow - Best Friend -Male Voice

Dandy Kiklis - Friend -Male Voice

Andre Gagami - Classmate - Male Voice

Alexis Stickland - Classmate - Female Voice

Jake Vanderwell - Classmate - Male Voice

Izanami Tadashi - Classmate -Male Voice

Ymir Sakura - Classmate (Programmer) - Female Voice

Jean Kurusu - Classmate (Magican) - Male Voice

Yosuke Armda - Classmate (Assassin) - Male Voice

Finch Ryder -Classmate (Biker) - Male Voice

Neo Kitagawa - Classmate (Physicist) - Male Voice

Mia Fodo - Classmate (Fighter) - Female Voice

Yuki Fodo - Antagonist - Male Voice (Psycho/Calm Voice)

Monokuma - Antagonist - Male Voice (Almost like a plushy bear voice)

They are a lot but most of them are already taken so I just need those few characters, (In desperate need for them XD) if you want to just contact me and send me a sample of your voice and I'll most likely get the spot. Contact me through twitter @Raiden4280

Is there another way I can contact you? I don't have twitter, but I could send you a sample of my voice over email! I adore RPG Maker games, and would love to work on one!