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The most Generic JRPG you'll ever play. · By Darkovika

Day 04 - 04/28/2017

A topic by Darkovika created Apr 29, 2017 Views: 98
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We had to skip yesterday (Thursday) on account of the fact that I give a cello lesson on Thursdays.

Today in the livestream, which was about 1 hour and 30 minutes long give or take, we created a dungeon for the player to get through! The latest version of Generia is up and running with rewards, treasure AND a boss monster that I haven't exactly tested yet, so I have no idea how it'll go! There's no new weapons just yet, but there will be in the future. I think I may tweak the items a little to give the player a larger advantage over monsters, as they're kind of too evenly matched at the moment.

If you find any bugs in the latest version of my 7-day game jam imposed on myself, let me know!