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Dead Men Walking

A topic by Stewed Brew Games created Apr 28, 2017 Views: 127
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Introducing solo dev Stewed Brew Games debut game, Dead Men Walking.

Dead Men Walking is influenced by the Amiga classic Cannon Fodder with the unforgiving nature of games gone by.

Simple controls and 60fps make it easy to pick up and smooth to play but the 9 levels of challenging gameplay make it hard to master and complete the one goal, return to HQ.

Enter the villages, towns and cities to search for supplies to help aid you in your mission. Only one small problem, they are filled with zombies.

Even after completion, the challenge of beating your best level times along with random zombie placement provides endless replayability.

Here are a few quotes from the Beta Testers:

"full on cannon fodder nostalgia vibes"

"cruel and unforgiving"

"it's harder than bloodborne"

"soundtrack was dope"

Not much more to be said except...