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Player Feedback Sticky

A topic by Louis Byers created Apr 23, 2020 Views: 171 Replies: 4
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Developer (2 edits)

What do you think of the product? Feel free to share your feedback below!

Videos and streams are highly welcomed and can help speed up bug testing.

Pros: Suprisingly enjoyable was playing with a couple friends spectating and we were all having a good time.

Bug: Quit unexpectly after the first proper level. 

Future Improvement: Some improved textures will massively help the game grab attention. Prehaps have a wooden pallets under the boxes to improve realism. The red bots are a cool concept but unsure what their gameplay purpose is?

I found the game very enjoyable. I felt that the introduction animated part with the voice over a very nice feature. The tutorial level was particularly good as a simple yet fun introduction to the game. I felt the game itself was very fun and found the addition of the objects being breakable was a great way to add an extra challenge which is miserably failed at. Overall I liked the design of the game it was done in a very arcade style which really made me feel like I was playing an old arcade game. I liked the option to customise the forklift as well, the pun in the title is also a great addition. All in all a fantastic game that was very enjoyable.

the game overall is well made and has some cool features. I have played the game for like 3 hours now making my way through the levels and becoming the best forking forklift driver. Keep up the great work

The concept of the game is fun, but the level design is fantastic; i spent 1 hour trying to bug or exploit the game, to no avail. In spite of this, i still think that the repeatability aspect gets boring from time to time and would appreciate a variety to either the landscape or the objective of the game. (The tutorial was a nice touch!)