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A Cow at the International Space Station

A topic by Dyousha Schmancen created Apr 26, 2017 Views: 197
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Hello, everyone!
I'm a total newbie in game industry and this is my first game.

It's is simple browser game with intro story, game itselft and final sequence.

1) Story is just images, framed like a movie, but inside they use comics balloon. You just move each frame at the comfortable speed when you read the text. Anytime you can skip the story and move to the game itself

2) Game itself is very simple. I build a map of the International Space Station and you fly around it to feed your crewmembers with fresh cow milk or they die. The game can be successfully won by 2-3 minutes, or even faster. After you feed the crew members for more than 100% of health there is a final story sequence.

The game can be played on computer with keyboard, or at some device with sensor screen.

Hope you will like it and have some cool time for 4-5 minutes of this game and its story.