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Composer, sound designer & producer.

A topic by westonguidero created Apr 25, 2017 Views: 245
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I am looking to collaborate with others on a game. I'll do anything that involves audio. Sound design, composition, production; I'm your guy!

I have some of my work posted on my site:

Some additional music not found on my site. More of snippets though:

A little about me:

I'm based out of Newport Beach, California and recently graduated from the infamous Berklee College of Music with a B.A. in Contemporary Writing & Production. After graduating I got into sound design even more so. I've also been working on electronic, and chiptune music to expand my horizon. I've decided the direction I want to go: Video game music and sound design.

I understand the role of a composer and/or sound designer. My role is to serve the original idea and intent of the creator of the game. While still having my own style within the music and sound design.


If others are being paid (artists, developers, etc.) I expect to be paid. We can talk reasonable rates. If the project is a collaboration (no one is being paid) then I don't expect to be paid. I would have to rely on ones own honesty. I hope to work with you on your game! :)

If you have any questions please let me know. Thank you!