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LD38 - Blocknauts!

A topic by Endless Plumber Studios created Apr 25, 2017 Views: 121
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Here's my Ludum Dare 38 entry, Blocknauts!

Download it on!

Enter a big place full of small worlds. You're a courageous Blocknaut, stranded far from home in a tiny star system. Your ship is gone, scattered to pieces as it broke apart on reentry. Can you explore this foreign place, and find your ship's scattered parts?

What is Blocknauts?

Blocknauts is an open-world space exploration game, made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare. In Blocknauts, you take the role of a brave Blocknaut explorer, trapped far from home. Wander around unique planets, each with their own terrain and atmosphere. Yearning for more? Take the giant leap off-world, using your jetpack to seamlessly leave your planet navigate the stars in search of the missing pieces of your rocket.

  • Seamless travel between planets and space
  • Exploration-centric gameplay - discover at your own pace
  • Interactive object physics
  • High-definition environments powered by Unreal Engine 4