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My first "random" program.

A topic by mrpiay created Apr 20, 2020 Views: 256 Replies: 7
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Please unmute to hear the sounds ;)


Truly a masterpiece! Nice job!

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Some instructions don't work as expected. 

Draw, for instance:

  • R6 and R7 must be set to 3 and 14 (instead of 3 and 15) to draw at the rightmost pixel. 
  • If TargetX > 63, TargetY changes.

Are you still interested in debugging your project or have you already abandoned it?

Kind regards,



Hello Javier!

I am very interested in debugging my project, I just have very little time.

The good: I am always interested fixing small bugs or accept PR requests on github!

I have made a bug report from your observation!

Unfortunately I am not actively developing this software.

If you like, I can add the MIT license! The project uses Love and Lua, and hopefully isn't too complicated.

Source is here:

If you are interested in helping develop Click4, I'd be happy to either use a PR process, or if that's too demanding, even giving you push access!

Thank you for your interest!

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Ooo i'd love to help! I've been tinkering with lua and love2d for some time now, managed to finish some very small projects i'm not unproud of, so i guess it would be really worthwhile trying to understand this program.


Very cool!

I'm happy to help how I can, time permiting!

You're welcome to keep messaging me here of course! GitHub is always an easy way to talk, and there also happens to be a discord channel!

I guess finding someone like mustooch with time and interest to help debugging would be great. I'm only available as a "tester/user". I hope you can reach an agreement.


Much love! Thank you for your interest in my work :)