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A free, open source, project oriented level editor made for indie game developers by indie game developers. · By OGMO Editor, austineast, 01010111

A bug in the decal layer

A topic by Ahmed Khalifa (Amidos) created 41 days ago Views: 25
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I don't know if that an intended behavior but I wanted to ask about that. Sorry if I sound like a newbie.

The first one is if you have a decal layer and selected an object and then changed the level from the side panel the selection will be always highlighted and can't even be removed unless you go back to the previous page. Here a picture of the empty selection:

The other behavior was, I created a new value in the decal layer called parallax

If you add an object in that layer, there is no way I can edit this value. Here is a picture for it:

Sorry if these were intended behavior and I didn't get them.