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A cyberpunk exploration game with sex, drugs and electronic music

A topic by OpiFai created Apr 24, 2017 Views: 213
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Hey, during the entire last year I've been working on this game that I've just published: "I Came To Forget My Daily Life". Is an exploration and introspection, cyberpunk game about the need to escape our daily reality.

The challenging thing of the game is to invite players to reflect and question various aspects of our lifestyles and our Western society such as:

  • the role of leisure as a safety valve to let off the alienation and monotony of everyday life,
  • the long hours that we relate through screens,
  • drug use among young people as a resource to connect with other people,
  • affective sexual relationship models so conditioned by the culture of monogamy or the disposable consumerist culture,
  • the great separation between leisure and productive time,
  • the foundations of our industrial society based on fossil fuels.

The game is set in a massive nightclub. One of the attractions of the game lies in the desire to discover and explore new floors of the nightclub, increasingly large, colorful and majestic. To get to the next floor, you'll find new surprises or difficulties such as puzzles, mazes and platforms.

I'd appreciate so much any feedback about the game!