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Dungeons & Treasure - VR roguelike dungeon crawler DevBlog

A topic by dungeons-and-treasure created 36 days ago Views: 201 Replies: 3
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We are working right now on this project, which is a VR game for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The game will use room scale features such as dodging projectiles, etc. but can also be played completely without moving physically. The artstyle will be 100% voxel art.

The version here on Itch.io will be updated to a certain point (all updates will be posted here), so we can gather information and feedback on the game. So let us know what you think about this project!

Right now the core system for dungeon generation is implemented and can be tested by downloading our free demo:


If everything works as intended we can start adding more content, all planned features can also be found on our itch.io page:


Here is a first gameplay footage:

Making some progress, today we are testing the shield and melee mechanics. Also the projectiles of the ranged skeletons have a small spread, so dodging is more difficult.

Update 02.05.2017:

We updated the demo to the next version. It seems that the core system works as intended. In this update we want to test the melee mechanics and the shield. You will be able to use the shield to block melee and ranged attacks. Enemies drop now currency and hearts, so you can regenerate some life.

The teleporter controls are too far away for melee weapons, we are aware of that. The whole design for the teleporter will change in future anyway.

Here are the changes:


*Added Shield

*Added Melee weapon

*You can now pick 2 out of 3 weapons at the start

*Haptic feedback for various things

*Added some sound effects

*Added small spread to the projectiles, so dodging is a bit more difficult now

*Enemies now drop currency

*Enemies now drop health (1/2 Heart, Full Heart)

*Waypoints currently broken (you cant use them with melee weapons)

Free demo:


Website (will be updated in near future and be the center of the game):


Have fun!

We have uploaded a new gameplay trailer!

Also we know there is an issue where you can push yourself out of the level. This usually happens if you come close to a corner and your hand is outside the wall. We will fix this in the next update!

We are currently finishing the interface system, you will be able to open a menu, where you can choose between different locomotion types.