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Dungeons & Treasure - VR roguelike dungeon crawler DevBlog

A topic by dungeons-and-treasure created Apr 24, 2017 Views: 1,094 Replies: 17
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We are working right now on this project, which is a VR game for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. The game will use room scale features such as dodging projectiles, etc. but can also be played completely without moving physically. The artstyle will be 100% voxel art.

The version here on will be updated to a certain point (all updates will be posted here), so we can gather information and feedback on the game. So let us know what you think about this project!

Right now the core system for dungeon generation is implemented and can be tested by downloading our free demo:

If everything works as intended we can start adding more content, all planned features can also be found on our page:

Here is a first gameplay footage:

Making some progress, today we are testing the shield and melee mechanics. Also the projectiles of the ranged skeletons have a small spread, so dodging is more difficult.

Update 02.05.2017:

We updated the demo to the next version. It seems that the core system works as intended. In this update we want to test the melee mechanics and the shield. You will be able to use the shield to block melee and ranged attacks. Enemies drop now currency and hearts, so you can regenerate some life.

The teleporter controls are too far away for melee weapons, we are aware of that. The whole design for the teleporter will change in future anyway.

Here are the changes:


*Added Shield

*Added Melee weapon

*You can now pick 2 out of 3 weapons at the start

*Haptic feedback for various things

*Added some sound effects

*Added small spread to the projectiles, so dodging is a bit more difficult now

*Enemies now drop currency

*Enemies now drop health (1/2 Heart, Full Heart)

*Waypoints currently broken (you cant use them with melee weapons)

Free demo:

Website (will be updated in near future and be the center of the game):

Have fun!

We have uploaded a new gameplay trailer!

Also we know there is an issue where you can push yourself out of the level. This usually happens if you come close to a corner and your hand is outside the wall. We will fix this in the next update!

We are currently finishing the interface system, you will be able to open a menu, where you can choose between different locomotion types.

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Update 22.06.2017:

We updated the demo to the next version. We have reworked and improved the dungeon generation system. We also added all locomotion types to the game. You can access the menu by clicking the menu button above the trackpad. You can choose then the desired locomotion type with the trigger button. We also fixed the controls for the oculus rift. If you need to swap hands with the oculus you have to open the menu and click the swap hands button. 

Here are the changes:

 *Added menu with locomotion selection (3 types) and switching hands
 *Improved oculus controls
 *All equipment now uses overheat
 *Added 1 item drop
 *Added heart container to secret rooms
 *Changed how currency drops
 *Added floating numbers for currency and dealt damage
 *Redesigned and improved waypoints
 *Reworked level generation

Free demo:


As always any feedback is welcome. If someone wants to share it on youtube, social media etc. feel free to do it, but mention that the game is in development!

Have fun!

We updated the demo to the next version. In this version we added some more features such as shopkeer and chests. You can now spend your gold to buy random items from the shopkeeper. We also improved the doors, so you can not see the next room. The next demo version will also be released on steam. We will add multiplayer.

*Added chests
*Added shopkeeper
*Added tooltip for items
*Start weapon now lie in a weapon rack
*Added button hints for controls
*Improved door

Free demo:


As always any feedback is welcome. If someone wants to share it on youtube, social media etc. feel free to do it, but mention that the game is in development!

Have fun!

Update 24.07.2017:

Today is a big update. We added drop-in multiplayer:

 You can join a random lobby and start playing with someone or create an own private lobby. If you try to join a random lobby and there is no free lobby available you will automaticaly create a mutliplayer lobby which can be joined by others. If you dont like multiplayer, you still can play singleplayer. You can make the choice in the lobby room which we also added with this update. Voice chat should also work. Currently you can mute your mic on the 2d screen after the game started. You can also create a private lobby atm. only on the 2d screen. 

While you are in a multiplayer run you have shared loot and gold with all party members. The enemies are also stronger for each additional player. Random lobbys can have max. 4 players.  A private lobby has no limit. If you die in a multiplayer run and someone is still alive, you will become a ghost. You still can move and talk to your party members but you cant trigger traps or make any damage, also all enemies will ignore you. In future it is planed to revive all dead players if the stage boss is defeated.

Especially here feedback is needed, so if you notice some issues on multiplayer or servers, let us know. As always any feedback is welcome.

*Drop-in Multiplayer with up to 4 players, private lobbies with no limit (currently some lobby controls are on 2d screen only)
*Added first boss
*Improved waypoints
*Hands are currently blue spheres (only those trigger chests, buttons, etc.)
*You can now drop weapons (hold the menu button for a few seconds)
*Lobbyroom (you can choose between multiplayer or singleplayer)

-Voice chat
-Enemies scale with player count
-Turn into ghost on death
-Shared drops and gold

Free demo:


As always any feedback is welcome. If someone wants to share it on youtube, social media etc. feel free to do it, but mention that the game is in development!

Have fun!

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We are now on steam with a store page, game will release in Q4 2017.

Hello! We made some progress in the last weeks. This small footage covers the most important things: 

Youtube Video

We experiment with additional rooms on the z-axis, so you can either fall into a room or can move up into a room. The looping system is working, after you defeat the boss you loop into the next environment. We also added more locomotion options. There are now destructible objects in the dungeon, for example, in the hallways you can destroy the vases, which will drop currency.

For people who want to try the demo, we are now on steam:

Thanks to all for the feedback, it helps us a lot!

We decided to update the demo. In this update we improved networking and added the lobby. Every player starts in the lobby and can either enter a single player game, a multiplayer game or create/join a private lobby.

- added lobby
- added mute button to menu
- added return to lobby button to menu
- imporved networking
- added hand locomotion
- added use item
- added destructable vases in hallways
- added another ranged weapon
- added pick up cooldown for items which are dropped by enemies or
found in chests (so you dont instantly pick them up)
- added visual indicator for interactions like dropping weapons/items 
and buying items from the shopkeeper

For people who want to try the demo, we are now on steam:

Thanks to all for the feedback, it helps us a lot!

We recently started a kickstarter campaign. We would use the money to polish the game even more. BUT dont worry, even if the campaign fails, we will still finish and release the game in Q4 2017.

Kickstarter Campaign

We are making some good progress. We started to add more content to the game which will be unlockable with the special currency which can be aquired by killing a stage boss.  

In the starting lobby you will find a special room, where you can see all weapons etc. and unlock them. The unlocked weapons etc. can then be found in the next playthrough.  

We are experimenting with some abilities for melee weapons. We want to buff melee weapons with an active skill.  

We plan to implement around 100 passive upgrades and around 40 different items, weapons and shields for the release.  

For more details on what we are currently working on check this youtube video: 

For people who want to try the demo, we are now on steam:

Thanks to all for the feedback, it helps us a lot!

We are adding even more content to the dungeon area. 4 new enemies. Enemies have currently no abilities. Next step is to add abilities.

We have also improved our melee combat system. You can deal more damage if the weapon is swung stronger.

All in all we are making great progress, future updates will include more passive & active items, abilities and environment polish.

For people who want to try the demo, we are now on steam:

Thanks to all for the feedback, it helps us a lot!

We have finished a huge amount of items, weapons & shields and buffs. Everything has been implemented into the game and works great.

All in all the progress is great, expect more news in the next days / weeks on the environment, enemies and more.

Also, we have a precise release date!

The game will be released on 30th November! 

Here are some teasers of the items which are in game:

Passive buffs. A certain amount of these buffs is already unlocked. Buffs can be stacked to make the buff more effective.

Companions. Companions will assist the player with a special ability which will be used by the companion automatically.

Melee weapons. All melee weapons have an ability which triggers their overheat.

Ranged weapons.


Use items. A player can have one use item. The player have to activate the effect of the use item.

For people who want to try the demo, we are now on steam:

Thanks to all for the feedback, it helps us a lot!

Preview video of the content which is in game!

For people who want to try the demo, we are now on steam:

Thanks to all for the feedback, it helps us a lot!

We just released the game! Thank you all for the support and the feedback. We hope all of you will have a lot of fun playing the game. Consider leaving an honest review or feedback on steam. This will help us grow and improve the game.

We have also added one important additional feature to the game:
You can now save your game progress with save & exit. For now saving the game only works in singleplayer.

Dungeons & Treasure VR Team

We have been listening to you all and a few things needed to be changed. So here are the changes: We improved the melee combat system, the melee weapon now has more range and deals more damage. The scaling for swinging and wiggle have been improved as well. Wiggle has now a small cooldown. Both playstyles are now strong enough to finish the enemies and bosses. The boss loses now health if his summoned enemies are damaged. We also added region select for multiplayer. There was an issue that people could not find each other, they were on their best region. Now if you want to play with a friend: Make sure you both select the same region and have the same game name. We added difficulty settings for single player. Difficulties can now be found on the terminal for single player. There is now a new interface for menu, locomotion etc. We also fixed a multiplayer issue, where people would crash while looping into the second area. Update:

  • Player is now invurnable for a short time after getting hit
  • Damage to summoned enemies now also deals damage to the summoner (relevant for boss fights)
  • Increased range of melee weapons
  • Improved AI to not let enemies walk into you
  • Increased melee base damage and damage scaling when swinging
  • Improved player hitbox to allow easier blocking with shield
  • Adjusted enemy health scaling
  • Singleplayer: Game difficulty selection
  • Multiplayer: Possible to select region for private lobby (all wanting to join need to set the same region)
  • Multiplayer: Made gameplay more stable (no more crashes on area switch)

Get the game on steam:

Happy holidays to all!

Content Update: Over 80 new rooms, Achievements and Custom Outfits!

Today we have prepared a content update.

Many of you probably know certain rooms already good enough and are not surprised by traps or enemy positions. With the new rooms the dungeons/levels feel completely new again!

In addition to the new rooms we included the achievements system into the game, there are 30 achievements.

You can see all achievements here:

Some of the achievements are hidden, so you have to figure out what must be done.

It is possible now to unlock custom cosmetic outfits. Upon completing a certain achievement you will be able to choose an outfit in the hub area.

The achievements which grant a cosmetic outfit are not hidden.

Some people told us that the trackpad locomotion is too slow. It feels really slow especially if you played an other game with trackpad locomotion before.

So we added a new locomotion option for this. You can now adjust the speed of trackpad locomotion (the current speed is 2.5):

Have fun playing the game and let is know what you think! We will always try to do our best and improve the game!


  • Added 30 achievements
  • Added 81 new rooms
  • Added 10 cosmetic outfits (unlocked by completing achievements)
  • Player movementspeed is now adjustable in the locomotion menu

Get the game on steam: