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A minimalist vectorial fantasy console · By David Jalbert

Needed more games!!

A topic by Kakitaoak created Apr 22, 2017 Views: 1,819 Replies: 5
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We need MORE GAMEs


I agree! I'll need to do a complete overhaul of the project before I consider having a directory of games created in vectorboy, though. I've put it on hold for now but I'm not abandoning the project either. I just need to take care of some other things first. :)

For one thing, I want to add a game editor, so you can create sprites, sound effects, and code directly from the same interface. I make no promises though!

Any thoughts on opening up the project to other developers? I realize that completely open sourcing it would take away any future monetization, but you could put a call out for a few helpers.


I'm actually considering seeking external help to improve the console. That's a big maybe, but I'm considering it.

How 'bout YouTube tutorials on how to use Lua and the Vectorboy API? More documentation means more use.


Unfinished and Simple Pack 2022 by me have a lot of various toys for VectorBoy

WiwinGAZE, also by me, is try at making level based game for VectorBoy. Features almost 15-20 minutes of gameplay (ideal fast run for 1 ending), 2 endings, secret cheat codes and 7 levels with various traps. Have fun!