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Paw Paw Paw (Demo)

We are the resistance. We are the Antipants. · By Simpleton

Very nice game! I Liked it a lot!!! Pleeease include a link to replay the intro video!

A topic by andrebrazil created Apr 11, 2020 Views: 80 Replies: 1
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The game is very nice and has a lot of interesting features like rolling, skill trees, 4-player coop and a castle-crashers-like improved combat system :)  I liked very much, and i would ask you to add a link in the main menu to allow the replay of the intro history video, which is very, very fun, and it would be very nice to show this intro to friends and replay again the funny history behind this nice game. Congrats dudes, a very nice game, for sure!

Hi there!

Thank you! Glad that you like it! In the final version the intro will be replayable!