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Micro Character Series assets (with april bundle)

A topic by momeG created Apr 19, 2017 Views: 252
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Micro Character Bases:

•Old & new walk styles
•Side or 8 directional sprites
•All of this asset packs uses those characters

MomeG Roguelike Characters:

•+10 different characters with move and attack animations
•A set of weapons and codexes to modify the characters
•Some effects for attacks and magic stuff

Super Roguelike Pack:
•A lot of different characters & enemies
•Tilesets with objects
•Old content included (previous version)
•Hit / smash effects
•Gold, diamonds and other objects for the dungeon

Currently there's a bundle for the three asset packs at [$18,00] (Save 39%) hope you like it.
Feedback is highly apreciated.