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These are 320x64px i updated the description, sorry

Yes, Horizontally.

For sure!
I can upload a new asset pack featuring these assets that have been upscaled and vectorized.

Whoa, just epic
The first track starts really simple and it gets better, the feeling of loneliness and isolation riding the sea tides just fit perfect with the theme image.
The second track is crazy how much pressure puts on the narrative you wrote i really liked that one

The boss theme is just epic, nothing more to say i really imagine a giant kraken or something lurking below the ship ready to attack the protagonist

And the last one gives you that peace feeling again, now the journey has ended and the moon going away with the endless sea, just perfect man!

I can't rate this submission but i'll give you 11/10 ⭐


Grasslands coming this week ✨


all yours <3 480x270px now

the next week i'll update this pack with the new size (480x270) so you can upscale it easily 

i'll try my best to change the canvas size 😉

this is the bigger version of them, but not exactly the same backgrounds, but i'm open to suggestions to add more bg!

Yes you can!
no, there aren't tileset planned for this pack sorry

once you buy it it's all yours (but please don't re-sell it with another colors or something like that ;)    ) 

thank youu!

Aw thank you! yeah! we didn't had time to make the end tho, but it was fun to do! maybe some day  i could remaster this game to make it more "enjoyable"  but i'm glad you liked it <3

the game has no end tbh

Sure, i'll send you an email ;) 

Thank you ♥

it has no end, you find the light, the level restart with a different set of walls and go on and on... fOrEvEr

Simple but fun as hell dude, great job! ♥

Thank you! i really wanted to make some tunes but time is off! maybe after the Jam i can make some tweaks to make more playable and with a proper music too.

Thank you ♥ i'm glad you like it, if you make something out of it, please send me the link, i'll be glad to play it 

go ahead and thanks for using the sprite ♥

Ow, thanks! and that's great !!  go on keep creating! ♥

Gracias totales ♥

Sure ♥

just the sides only, it's 8x8 (8 pixels by 8 pixels size)

there isn't any .ear file on this asset :/ 

what do you mean with cannot be opened? it's a .Rar file with one .ase file and the same file but in .png

DM me at @gabbassist on twitter.

Yes! i'm needing some money so making assets for you would be great, thank you ♥

that looks great man!  nice job! 

thank you ♥

Aww, is not that good, just simple and clean, thank you, go practice and you can be better  ♥ 

feel free to modify the sprites, once you buy this asset is yours ♥ thank you

Go ahead in any project, personal or commercial, if you want to give me a little credit with just the cat icon (momeG) that will be helpful, thanks for buying ♥

once you buy it, it's yours, modify it, change the colors, use it for games or whatever you want to ;) 

i just want to say that i'm translated the morse tweet e.e