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Sorry  but i'm not making pixel art since a month ago, this ended for me.

Great work mate! keep up! 

Thanks to you for using it dude

Micro Character Bases:

•Old & new walk styles
•Side or 8 directional sprites
•All of this asset packs uses those characters

MomeG Roguelike Characters:

•+10 different characters with move and attack animations
•A set of weapons and codexes to modify the characters
•Some effects for attacks and magic stuff

Super Roguelike Pack:
•A lot of different characters & enemies
•Tilesets with objects
•Old content included (previous version)
•Hit / smash effects
•Gold, diamonds and other objects for the dungeon

Currently there's a bundle for the three asset packs at [$18,00] (Save 39%) hope you like it.
Feedback is highly apreciated.

Daaamn!! Great job dude! stuning.

Hello, i'm selling this three game assets :·3 hope you like it, Feedback is appreciated ♥

-Roguelike Characters:

•This asset pack contains 10+ characters with their respectives attack, run, block animations. Also effects & character items.

-The Super Roguelike pack:

•Contains a lot of characters (more characters than the Roguelike characters but only walk animations) tilesets, objects & effects

-The Micro character bases

•It contains the base character of the other asset packs to make your own characters and also have a 8 direction sprite (in almost 8x8 size)


I hope you like it those game assets, and again... feedback is apprecitated, thank you ♥


Niiice work !

I'm updating it right now, in a minutes the pack will have tileset, objects, effects and more and more characters with a improved walk animation :)

I'm uploading an update in just a minutes :) a more tilesets, characters & more ♥

Thanks dude! by personal reasons i'm not currently working but i have a "WIP" file with a bunch of micro characters with better walk animations, attacks, and more... just give me time :)

Yeah... i never coded the mouse things... so, this is a buggy prototype, it's just the concept of a game.

Heey thanks dude!


Hey! i updated the content, check out ;)

I'm updating the content right now

The cover gif and the gif inside the page shows the character :)

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your feedback is appreciated <3 https://momeg.itch.io/8-directional-micro-characte...


Awesome lights dude! keep making art!

Nice, try to add more consistency to make it more gelatinous btw good job!

This is a masterpiece! Absolutely gorgeous!

Every human has the dream about can flight .. and this is like making the dream true, very calm, i love to play when i'm stressed or not in mood i love those secrets!

Again... this is a masterpiece dude!

Hey! thanks!

Cool! thanks!

I understand you i used to be a "programmer" now i only make pixel art haha

Ohh okay! thanks!

You wanted attack animations? so... Take a look. ;)

The new asset pack is out now, more animations on characters, spell effects, some weapons and more: take a look. :D

The new asset pack is out now: take a look. :D

Try now, iI have no idea why this happened :/

Really? oh damn! let me fix it :o sorry dude.

i've made a cool asset pack with 10+ tiny characters for a roguelike or a action/ adventure, whatever game :) check it out!


In 3 or 4 days i'll be releasing a bigger pack with a lot of animations, effects & characters, keep in touch.


Thanks to you for buying the pack ! yes i'm working on it this days, and i have some personal stuff to do but i'll release it soon, keep in touch. -momeG

Great work! i like it i like it! :)

aww! that's very cool man!, i use gms too :) good work!

Thanks! i'm working on a bigger asset pack with more effects, characters & more.

Thanks! I'll do an update with more animations and characters, the characters are 16x16 i think but the canvas i use is 22x22.

Hey man! thanks for purchasing the pack, i've saw the attack animations, they look great! i'll be working on this !

Great! i'll update this pack with a bunch of new heroes & enemies and i'll add some floor and wall tilesets. Thanks man.

Hey! thanks man! i'm working on it, i'll make another pack with more enemies, classes and also tilesets & objects :)