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I love the art and concept! ^^

A topic by yohanlove created Apr 19, 2017 Views: 175
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Honestly, I am not a fan of kpop but I love the art and concept too much. It will be a waste if you scrap this project and game all together because there is too much potential for the plot and art. I would still buy the routes even if the higher ups do not give permission and acknowledge the game altogether. You could simply change your approach on the characters' looks, personality, and etc. to completely make it original and yours truly. I am sure there are others who share the same incentive as me-- I just wanted to share my two cents in. I will buy the whole game in a heartbeat with or without the Kpop stars' characters, just from playing the first demo. Please seriously consider this suggestion for Aeon Dream Studios loyal fans like me. Also, Thank you so much for reading. I look forward to all your works in the future! Much love.xx