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Hexolution - Logic Puzzle Game

A topic by Kryper created Apr 19, 2017 Views: 98
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Hexolution is a numeric logic puzzle game with very simple rule set that will make You think. Your only goal in this game is to set all hexagons to the same value by adding or subtracting value. Once hexagon is tapped it will rise or lower its value and force all hexagons around it to do the same but opposite way.


- Unlimited randomly generated puzzle goodness. You simply can keep playing.

- Four types of hexagons:

* Normal hexagons - changing value by one and forcing hexagons around to do the same but opposite way

* Fixed hexagons - You just can not change their value. So set all others to match their value!

* Big hexagons - changing value by three at once. First row of hexagons around big hexagon change value by two opposite way. Third row of hexagons around big hexagon change value by one opposite way.

* Connected hexagons - changing value together no matter where they are located around the board. They also change value of hexagons around them.

- Nice music for Your enjoyment :)

Currently available for Android.

iOS version awaiting approval.