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Javelin Hunt

A topic by joea6013 created Apr 19, 2017 Views: 138
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Are you ready for the wild world adventure full of fun and challenges? Want to experience the ancient hunting life style? Now, enjoy this best javelin hunt game in store.

In the game, you will use javelins to hunt wild animals - tiger, leopard, elephant ... which are all lovely and animating. Starting as a newbie, you have to overcome all the difficulties and challenges before you become a javelin master. With glass board, wood plank, seesaw and balls, it is even more challenge and fun. Too difficult to pass a level? Well, a powerful bomb to get the job done. Be sure to check the help in the game for details about how to play.

Game Play:
- Click the coin to get free coins and buy new items.
- The left side of foxtail lily is javelin launch area.
- You can drag the screen on the right side of the foxtail lily only after launched javelin hit target and disappear.
- Throwing the javelin with a trace of parabola may work best mostly.
- Try different force and angle to fling your finger.
- If a ball run fast enough, it can kill animals.
- Unlock various achievements after completing the missions.
- Reach the TOP of Leaderboard to compete with friends.

With intuitive control and addictive levels, enjoy this javelin sports game now.