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Nimble Kick

Kick sampler plugin typically used for Hardstyle. · By Nimble Tools

Nimble Kick 1.0.3 Stretch Bug

A topic by Aisub7 created 52 days ago Views: 99 Replies: 4
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When drawing automation for the stretch parameter (tail) the parameter does not change.

Just wanted to let you know. Thank you for this amazing plugin

Yeah, honestly I should disable automation for that knob, as you really should not be automating that. Whenever that parameter changes, everything gets re-pitched and will remain quiet until the process is done. It's not meant to be a real-time changing thing.

While we're at it I also have a feature request. I don't know if this is already possible. I couldn't find it in the plugin. Would it be possible to change the attack pitch via Midi notes? Like the system that a lot of Kontakt instruments use. (video: 2:06) I'm using the pogo function for that now.

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That’s a good request and it’s something I do kinda want to have! It’s a bit complex though because it requires some more space in the UI, which has to be designed well. Need to think about it!

Good to know. I'm using 2 instances now works wonders.