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New maps for noobs?

A topic by gltshhh created Apr 18, 2017 Views: 788 Replies: 7
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Hey guys, im having a lot of fun learning to fly on my turnigy and the game works great. The one thing i see lacking in Freerider recharged is a simple map with obstacles to learn to turn, slalom etc, a nice flat wide area for total noobs ;)


The best map in Recharged for beginners is Rocks, there you can find pretty open flat areas and also some obstacles.

In Freerider classic there is the Desert, Meadow and Two Towers which are pretty simple.

(I have plans for some more maps for Recharged later on, one of them being an open field).

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yes i found rocks to be the best to start with, i'll be looking foward to see what are you up to. that keep up the good work.

also somone mentioned on youtube it would be cool to have Joshua Bardwell's house as one of the maps ... just a thought;)



Thanks, yes I agree about Joshua Bardwell's house :)

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I have classic, is there a deal on upgrading to recharged or do I need recharged please?


There's no deal currently, it's a separate purchase. There are several reasons I decided to make Recharged a separate new version, one being I needed to keep the original a small file size. With Recharged I wanted to be able to add as nice and detailed maps as possible without having to worry to much about file size and graphics limitations.

THanks for answering, so do I NEED recharged please, is it better than clasic?


The main difference is that there are some larger and more detailed sceneries in Recharged. Also, there is some extra functions such as flight recording and the ability to move the LOS viewpoint.

It is also quite a bit more demanding graphics wise, so it needs a bit more powerful computer to run smoothly.