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[ANY/PROGRAMMER/DESIGN] Developer looking for a progammer and designer.

A topic by GH0STDEV created Apr 18, 2017 Views: 198
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I'm developing a dating simulation game with rhythm aspects. I can completely tackle all the dating sim bits, but I need you, yes you, to help me along the way here.

The game link is there, and you can get a sneak peak at concept art if you'd like to be a fellow GH0STDEV! Get sp00ky!

The core mechanic is simple, you have a selection of scrumptious sumptuous suitors ready for you to seduce them with your sultry samba skills!

Okay, okay, I'll stop with the alliteration.

For now.

Anyway, yes, you're supposed to play a type of OSU!/DDR mix to impress your date. Will you be a lover or a loser? Let your skills decide.