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Children of Yohh, a fast paced one on one battle arena you'll love!

A topic by UNDEVS created Apr 17, 2017 Views: 174
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Hello, people! This is Lucas, from Bmyohh Entertainment, a "mini" game studio bred in a Brazilian Game Jam that has just finished! We built a game called Children of Yohh for the "Epic Game Jam BR", an event that happened across six Brazilian cities, and we won 1st place in our city, São Paulo!

Well, let's talk about The Game:

Children of Yohh is a one on one, local multiplayer battle arena.

In CoY, each player represents one of the elemental beings, Bmyohh and Tyohh, in the Duel of Totens!

In the game, players aim to destroy the opponent's Totem. For this, the players must use the Legendary Sword of Yohh. The first player to hit the opponent's Totem with the sword three times wins!

But this isn't all. Each player has the power of the 'sacred spit', which enables the champion to control some elements of the level. When the the 'sacred spit' hit the pillars of the arena, the player takes control of that pillar and can manipulate it using the power of Yohh's scream! Players can use it to defend themselves or make the enemy more vulnerable.

Children of Yohh is fast paced, extremely entertaining and a very competitive game that's a lot of fun!

This is what the game looks like right now:

If you guys want to check out our demo prototype, please, just follow this link:

Thank you! :D