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seed in my head???

A topic by Krakenzz created Apr 16, 2017 Views: 3,446 Replies: 6
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so i played hypno-467767, its a listening game like dont play this game, but apperently they planted a seed in my head and its gonna be a nightmare tonight... well, ill have to see and sleep tonight, will post later


I just went through the "467767 treatment", too. I'm curious what this nightmare has to offer, if one occurs.

about to go to bed. lets see if the nightmare is true :/ i will post about it if i do have one.

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No weird dreams here

Well? Did you have one?

well did anyone have a night mare from this?


I believe that this is a psychological experiment in a way. I noticed, even while under, there were no commands or "seeds" as he said put in place to induce nightmares. instead, I believe the "Seed" he planted was at the very end, when he tells you he planted a seed. My guess is that part is intended to get you thinking about it so much that you psyche yourself up *into* having a nightmare. With my experience with hypnosis, though, I haven't had anything happen to me without something a little more direct than what was givent through this sound. I may be wrong, though, this may be something more than tricking your mind into thinking a seed is planted into it (which is practically hypnosis in itself in a way)