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Todo list - spoiler Sticky

A topic by Joqlepecheur created Apr 16, 2017 Views: 153
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Developer (13 edits)

Read if you are interested in what is to come, but the section is spoiler heavy :)

The list is VERY incomplete, this is mainly a list for myself to keep track of certain things due to the huge amount of stuff I still have to do.

Top priority

  • launch 1.0


  • Scan feature (reveal some traps and hidden pathways) deprecated, fusionned with simulation upgrade
  • Bots - done for 1.0
    • Gargantua, release small bots redundant with slot usage
    • Narator bot done
    • Phaser, cross obstacles by changing dimensions done
    • Driller, can destroy a few stone blocks redundant with mini-bomb
    • Mini-bomb, strong explosion done
    • Fire-resistant bots deprecated
    • Mortar done
    • Sniper deprecated
    • Gun slinger deprecated
    • Metal head done (in 2 versions)
  • Worlds/levels - done for 1.0
    • Lava plains done
    • Lava cave done
    • Jungle (replaced by archipelago with heavy vegetation) done
    • Moutain levels done
    • Teleport pathway done
    • Dwellers dimension done
    • complete archipelago done
  • Foes/elements: done for 1.0
    • mines done
    • teleports done
    • spike balls deprecated replaced by firing walking foes
    • regenerating force-fields deprecated, replaced by traps
    • walking mines done
    • monster generators done
  • Cosmetic
    • Fishes in water level done + some other decorations
    • Grass in plains - done
    • Foutain in temple - replaced by energy conducts
    • Elements to break repetiveness in temple -energy conducts introduced in levels
    • Animate lava world - done
  • Music
    • additionnal song for world1 swapped world 1 song  with another
    • songs for every world done
  • Sound:
    • glass bot breaking
    • bot jump
    • drillers foes
  • Narration
    • cinematics done
    • narrator bot phrases done in some cutscenes
  • End
    • end sequence done

After that maybe?

  • sky platform
  • giant industrial island I don't intend to add worlds, the number of level is already quite important. I would like to add a few as a bonus though.
  • single additionnal challenge for levels
  • unlockable lore I kind of like the story being cryptic
  • improvements on simulation mode