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City Clickers

Quintessential SimCity Clone But Not Really · By Eigen Lenk

Changelog Sticky

A topic by Eigen Lenk created Apr 15, 2017 Views: 1,372 Replies: 2
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Developer (9 edits)


  • New housing distribution method (fixes issues with finding nearest shop/water/job)
  • Added landfills and waste management expense
  • Changed factory income logic - factories no longer generate income directly. Instead:
  • Added production and demand. There are three categories of production:
    • Food
    • Basic goods
    • Luxury items
  • Housing demand
  • Social classes - these social classes directly tie into production (different classes require different produces)
  • Pumping station
  • Smaller tweaks and fixes
  • New music
  • Couple of new building sprites


  • Balancing tweaks
  • Added public services row finances overview to keep track of police, fire department and hospital costs
  • Raised loan interest rate
  • Briefly disable date button on year change


  • Added Mac version
  • Fixed issue with calculating workers/shoppers & water tower usage
  • Date is displayed with proper format


  • First Windows release


  • Added help buttons for each of the row in the expenditure window
  • Capped rent increase to +6
  • More that 1 people will now move out each day if the rating is really low
  • Tweaked production and demand calculation
  • Budget is now internally calculated in decimal places rather than whole numbers which lead to some errors previously
  • Added road removal action. This action is only available when road only has one connection and no buildings next to it.


  • Fixed crash when building factories and potentially other places
  • You can now hold down the date button to automatically tick time (but more slowly than clicking)