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Throw some Beer's!

A topic by Andre Luiz created Apr 15, 2017 Views: 207 Replies: 1
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In this game you play as Jack, a guy who like to play video-games everyday and buy some Beer for his brother Phil and friends, but his is a teenager, and one day when his trying to get more "supplies" to Phil pool party, he get caught by the cops! and they decide to put a end in his activities Shooting him down! So your mission is help Jack to survive through this bizzare situation doing no matter what to accomplish this, even throwing some beer can's.

Playable Teaser :

Video Gameplay :


This game mixes the "Shoot'em up" style and "Endless runner" gameplay to increase more action and challenge for the player to developing by time reflexes so his don't go down (die) so easily, promoting a race to how's gonna get more highscore.

current state of development

It's what apparent to be, but is not : this just a Demo/Concept of what will become the game in the future.

the playable demo ( and trailer just shows the basic gameplay and art of the game, the full version of it still under development.

New Levels:

In the trailer we just see the first level, but in the future will have a Storm Level, with tiny and big
pieces of hail falling in the player, a Desert Level where the player have find water that drops from
pickup truck's that pass on the road and collect otherwise he will be dead and lose, and even a the Sinner level, one of the advanced levels, where the player will pay by his crimes and run from demon cops, and way more hazards to the player.

New Enemies:

By the time the player reach more levels; there will be more enemies with diferent behaviors and with more intelligence. In the trailer its shows the first two enemys : the patrol cop cars and hand granedes, but it's planned to add more, like helicopters with guided granede launchers, a police truck with two guys on the back with shotguns chasing the player, and other more challenging enemyes.

Anmo Improvement System :

if the game get's difficult and boring to the player,he have a opition to improve himself by this mechanic, where is calculeted by the engine physics the distance of the shoot of the player on his enemy based in the player actual position, and then goes back to the game, knowing the distance between the two and give to player Pick ups that help him pass better through hisenemys, but with a penalty on the score points.

Pit Stop Mode :

When finish the all the levels of the game, he will have the power of make his own
llevels based on the other levels layouts, hazards and enemys with mixed behaviors, I.A
level and more.

Leadboard, Achievments and Secret Levels:

Of course and most important, a Leadboard will displayed whenever player dies(but could be choosable to) and achievments will be unlockead for this who complete especifics tasks like
do combos and others.Secret levels can be unlockable to by doing dificult tasks and it will be very
funtime levels.

So thats it, now you have better ideia of what the game could be and the features that have by this far, i would like to see some feedback ofrom the community(being negative or not, but constructive),
and be welcome to make suggestions of features that you want see in the game.