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Jobs Needs To Work Some More On Their Games

A topic by mysterious.radroach47 created Apr 14, 2017 Views: 417 Replies: 3
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So I was playing Version 6, Experimental Version, of Ancient Warfare 2. I went to "Custom Battle," where I accidentally spawned an extra dude. I clicked on him, and tried to click on the Delete icon. It was there I realized that the Delete icon DOESN'T EVEN FRICKIN' WORK. So I tried to make a tower to put him in. But SOMEONE ( FORGOT TO ADD THE TOWER PARTS!!! So there you have it folks; ITCH.IO'S PRODUCERS ARE THE MOST LAZIEST PRODUCERS IN THE WHOLE GOSH DARN WORLD!!!!!!!!!!

It's the "Experimental" Version after all, so I should really calm down, but STILL.

So until these problems get fixed I'm gonna be like this:

I feel bad for my family for the next few months! XD


If you are experiencing issues playing one of the games on our site, it's always best to contact the developer of the game, and let them know there is a problem. We are a distribution platform, so unfortunately cannot assist with technical support for each individual game on the site. If the game's page has comments, or their forums enabled, you can post there to inform them of the issues you are seeing. :)