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Rogue Android

A top-down shooter with deck-building mechanics. · By Michael Darling

V0.4 Feedback!

A topic by Michael Darling created Apr 14, 2017 Views: 111 Replies: 5
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Howdy! After a couple months of hiatus, I'm back to the game dev grind. V0.4 has some pretty cool stuff...

V0.4 | 4/14/2017 | Patchnotes

  • New enemy spawning algorithm
  • Health pickups can now spawn from completing rooms
  • New card: Quick Freeze - Freeze nearby enemies for a short duration!
  • New card: Lifesteal - Temporarily gain health by killing enemies!
  • Player now starts with 50 energy
  • Lots of new sound effects
  • Weapon inventory system removed
  • New weapon buffing system
  • Removed card "Regenerate"
  • Heal is now more powerful, but cannot be included in starting decks
Feel free to post your thoughts on these changes, or on the state of the game in general!

I think the discard pile should shuffle back into the deck at the start of every chamber.


Hey, thanks for the feedback! I think that's a pretty solid idea. It'd definitely encourage players to use cards on bosses more often, which is a plus. I'll look at getting that into the next version.

It's really cool of you to reply, Mr. Darling. The idea came mostly from how quickly I run out of cards. By the second chamber, I don't have any left.


Oh! If that's the issue you're having, you can actually reset your discard pile for 100 Energy by hitting 'Q'... I think there's a tooltip that shows up regarding that, but it very well might be bugged in some cases. Sorry about that! Hopefully knowing that makes it more fun :)


Cool! That's really good to know. Thanks!