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Oh! If that's the issue you're having, you can actually reset your discard pile for 100 Energy by hitting 'Q'... I think there's a tooltip that shows up regarding that, but it very well might be bugged in some cases. Sorry about that! Hopefully knowing that makes it more fun :)

Hey, thanks for the feedback! I think that's a pretty solid idea. It'd definitely encourage players to use cards on bosses more often, which is a plus. I'll look at getting that into the next version.

Howdy! After a couple months of hiatus, I'm back to the game dev grind. V0.4 has some pretty cool stuff...

V0.4 | 4/14/2017 | Patchnotes

  • New enemy spawning algorithm
  • Health pickups can now spawn from completing rooms
  • New card: Quick Freeze - Freeze nearby enemies for a short duration!
  • New card: Lifesteal - Temporarily gain health by killing enemies!
  • Player now starts with 50 energy
  • Lots of new sound effects
  • Weapon inventory system removed
  • New weapon buffing system
  • Removed card "Regenerate"
  • Heal is now more powerful, but cannot be included in starting decks
Feel free to post your thoughts on these changes, or on the state of the game in general!

Thanks for checking it out! :)

Thanks a lot! And thanks for playing :)