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Runeshard - ARPG with a strong emphasis on the combat

A topic by elkranio created Apr 13, 2017 Views: 399 Replies: 1
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Hello everyone!

Our small team finally made it to our first playable early alpha (you can try it here: Runeshard is our modern take on 2d action-RPG genre, we love deep mechanics and really interesting combat.

Road to alpha

We wanted to make a modern ARPG game with really good and diverse combat mechanics from the start. Obviously games like Dark Souls and The Legend of Zelda inspired us when we were making our first steps.

We've set a few things we had to focus on right from the start

  • A really strong AI that will allow us to create different kinds of enemies
  • A certain approach to level design, that help us to create numerous exciting encounters
  • A decent level of interactivity in our maps

All these things required us to work on different tools like our editor (check out this timelapse: You can say this is the most invisible part of your work: you're doing a lot of work without being able to show it to people.

During these times we've made one of the most important decisions. We gave up pixel graphics in favor of vector. And I think it was the right move.

This alpha was an important milestone for us. We desperately needed some kind of confirmation that we were on the right track. We made a short self-contained experience to showcase our core gameplay loop and we've gathered an enormous amount of awesome feedback.

Right now we plan to make one big gameplay update to our apha (while constantly pushing fixes of every kind) and then focus on the game itself. We know we have to elevate our production qualities to release qualities. This means everything has to be better: graphics, AI, level design etc.

Check out the alpha gameplay trailer:

I will be updating this devlog once we reach different milestones in our development. Feel free to ask, critisize and suggest.

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Awesome! I really like the vector graphics style— game seems more polished and immersive. Keep up the good work!