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Orcish Inn (Pre-Alpha Only!)

Free pre-alpha version of the orc tavern simulation game Orcish Inn. This free offer doesn't include the final game! · By Steven Colling

No customers?

A topic by DystopianBritain created Apr 11, 2017 Views: 170 Replies: 2
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For some reason even though i have set up the tavern correctly with beer and tables/chairs i dont get any customers, the book says i have had customers (300) but not sold any beer? i dont know what to do?


Hey! Do you have a faucet filled with beer which can be accessed by the patrons? And do they come and just leave or do they not appear at all? If they don't appear but did before, could it be that some path to your tavern got blocked by respawning stuff like bushes? If so, you could have a look at the guidepost object: it allows to place new customer spawns on the map's border.

I have a faucet filled with beer and they dont appear at all, i will check for obstructions. I wasn't expecting a reply so soon Thanks!