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Yorg's first playable alpha is out!

A topic by Ya2 created Apr 10, 2017 Views: 451
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Hi everybody!

Let me introduce you the Ya2 team: we are a small team with the main base in Rome, Italy, but members all across the world (that is, Netherlands and USA).

Today's post we would like to introduce you our current project, Yorg (more info about it: it's a third person camera racing game for Windows, Linux and OSx, but the engine we develop with allows us to expand it also for other platforms in the next future.

We've chosen to make it open source in the hope to help others with our code and arts like these cars:

You can follow us on github here:

As you may read on our blog ( we have much more in mind and that are eager to develope, so, if you like our game, don't be afraid to tell us and show us your appreciation by tipping us: your name will be in our credits in the next release!

I think I've bored you enough for today so, just let me thank you for your time on behalf of

Yorg's team

Flavio, Luca, Jeff, Jay, Dario

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