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Buccaneers of the Caribe, how to sail to islands?

A topic by PepsiFlix created Mar 25, 2020 Views: 116 Replies: 2
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Hey, I'm currently a bit confused how I'm supposed to sail to islands with this mod. I have just finished the first quest on the first island and when I get to the map with my ship I can't seem to get any further. The islands dosen't have any names on them and when I enter ship mode close to the islands there isen't any visible island, just water.


You are probably the only one to try it so far, because this was never reported and I have never played this specific game.  There is a significant difference to how the old engine and new handle worldmap, so had to craft workarounds; it should be fixed now in the update just now uploaded.

Wow thats quite a surprise to hear that I'm the first to try it haha. 

Awesome! Thank you so much! Works perfectly now! <3