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[Art] Looking for artist for a tactical RPG

A topic by TheSinOfMilhouse created Apr 10, 2017 Views: 211
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The Sin of Milhouse

Who are we ?

We are a team of 7 programmers working on this project aside our studies in Computer Science.

What is the current project?

  • The engine: We are doing our game using unity and C#.
  • The gameplay: It's a mix between the binding of isaac and a tactical RPG. There is an exploration where you are going through different floors composed of rooms. In each room you'll face an event, it can be a quest, a fight, a secret (the screen for the event will be text boxes with the character sprite like in Fire Emblem). For each floor there is a boss to defeat to access the next one. The floors are procedurally generated. The fight will be turn based in a square based field in a pseudo 3D environment.
  • Planning for the project: We plan to have a Beta of 1 floor in the beginning of july. That will include 4 differents enemies, 1 boss, 4 characters and a small pool of objects.

Screenshot of the fight map:

In every room there is an event:

Picture of the minimap: the overall map represent a floor and each square represent a room. Binding of Isaac style.

Who is needed?

  • 2D artist(s) to do the menu, the sprite of the characters and enemies in the event screen and possibly a logo.
  • 3D artist(s) to do the models and the animations for the characters and the enemies and some objects (like a chest).
  • English content writer: even if we are all speaking english correctly, none of us is a native speaker. So we are looking for help to write the basic content of our beta. Characters, enemies and item description, synopsis and quests.