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Demo to Beta Summary Sticky

A topic by kbennett created Apr 09, 2017 Views: 124
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Developer (2 edits)

This post reviews the change changes and new features added to Lute Hero from the Kickstarter demo to the latest beta release. More detailed patch notes can be found in the previous Update Summary threads.


  • Updated main menu
  • Update options menu with custom key bindings, graphical options and separate volume sliders.
  • Updated and standardised HUD


  • Completely redesigned textures, most notably terrain and buildings.
  • More varied character creation


  • Travel to different cities
  • Redesigned fretboard and input for playing songs
  • 3 difficulties for each song
  • Ability to unlock songs and combat abilities with purchasable items
  • Seating/sleeping
  • Minimap/World map
  • Keys and Locks
  • Optimised lighting and sprite sorting
  • Advance time by sleeping in beds

World design

  • Each city has it's own set of unique NPCs with their daily routines
  • Each city has random NPCs that stay in the inn and visit the tavern in the evening
  • Seasons with dynamic sunrise/sunset times