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Lute Hero finally has a Facebook page!

  • Strange mushrooms
  • Fixed bug where framerate would drop steadily over extended periods of play
  • Tutorial for playing songs
  • Minor performance optimisations
  • Uses the itch API to get username and download key, this is used to unlock kickstarter content if you have used a key given to backers
  • Fixed bug that caused npcs to turn towards you when you are near them while sleeping (creepy)
  • Fixed bug letting you walk around during character creation
  • Balanced gold/adoration per song
  • Fixed incorrect audio quality for several background tracks
  • Standardised map background music
  • Blur out background when playing songs
  • 'Lute Hero Features' book removed for now
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This post reviews the change changes and new features added to Lute Hero from the Kickstarter demo to the latest beta release. More detailed patch notes can be found in the previous Update Summary threads.


  • Updated main menu
  • Update options menu with custom key bindings, graphical options and separate volume sliders.
  • Updated and standardised HUD


  • Completely redesigned textures, most notably terrain and buildings.
  • More varied character creation


  • Travel to different cities
  • Redesigned fretboard and input for playing songs
  • 3 difficulties for each song
  • Ability to unlock songs and combat abilities with purchasable items
  • Seating/sleeping
  • Minimap/World map
  • Keys and Locks
  • Optimised lighting and sprite sorting
  • Advance time by sleeping in beds

World design

  • Each city has it's own set of unique NPCs with their daily routines
  • Each city has random NPCs that stay in the inn and visit the tavern in the evening
  • Seasons with dynamic sunrise/sunset times

Beta is finally here!


  • Shops have random inventories that reset at the end of the day
  • Minor visual fixes around each city
  • Set of books serving as guides for getting around each city 'Diggleman's Guide to Luthar' - find them in general stores
  • Added credits to main menu
  • More songs and solos
  • Reduced music file sizes (without losing quality


  • NPCs and building interiors for Zothos
  • Elixirs that give bonus stats
  • More performance optimisations
  • Fixed a bug where every item was worth 0g
  • Added SFX to every button
  • Duellist outside every tavern (press R to duel)
  • Better consisency for building opening times and crowd sizes
  • Newly learned solos will equip automatically
The next update will focus on songs and solos.


  • NPCs and building interiors for Qustax
  • Sleep in beds to advance time
  • Smooth camera panning when sitting down
  • A few extra bits of interior decoration
  • Controller support, including bindings (not all menus working yet)
  • Fixed bug where keybinding scrollbar wasn't appearing
  • Performance optimisation
  • Some menus not yet navigable with a controller (but can of course still be used with the mouse)
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It's been a while, but this is a fairly big update and will pave the way nicely for future world building.


  • New city: Zothos (capital of Luthar)
  • Complete building interiors in Ashmar
  • Full set of persistent NPCs in Corthold and Ashmar
  • NPC pathfinding
  • NPCs have their own daily routines (e.g. wake up, walk around town, take a seat at the tavern, return to bed in the evening)
  • Random NPCs that stay at the city's inn and join the tavern crowd in the evening
  • Updated light cycle system, includes seasons and current day in season with changing sunrise/sunset times
  • Can sleep in beds (in future can advance time this way)
  • Several new hairstyles/clothing options including skin colour and beards.


  • Reimplemented basic combat. As with the new fretboard, a tutorial will be put in the game but for now talk to the NPC directly south of the tavern in Corthold to duel him. You can buy items to unlock solos from the merchant there, and you can equip those solos in the journal (J). Cooldowns and buffs are not yet implemented.
  • Background audio volume slider
  • Journal page with a list of unlocked songs and highscores
  • Particles and sfx upon learning a new song
  • Improved syncing of notes and fretlines on the fretboard
  • FPS cap in the options menu
  • Saving your character will save your unlocked solos but not your equipped solos. For now you will have to re-equip them every time you load a save (Will be fixed in next update).
Happy Holidays!


  • New way of playing songs - see below for instructions or read The Lutist's Handbook available from the merchant outside the tavern in Corthold)
  • New city: Qustax (exterior only)
  • Removed clock and attached it to the minimap (mouse over for the time of day)
  • 3 difficulties for each song
  • Visit the backroom of the Corthold tavern to play imported songs (LuteHero_Data/StreamingAssets/Songs)
  • Prompt popup when interacting with npcs/objects
  • Separate song volume slider in the options menu
  • Switching between fullscreen and windowed while playing a song causes some problems with the notes. Restarting the song is a temporary solution
The New Fretboard

  • Notes move from right to left across each string. Untouched, the string picker will rest on the middle string. Hold the up and down keys to move the picker up and down by one string. Hold the left arrow with either of these keys to extend to the far top or bottom string. Press Q to pick the selected string (there will be a proper tutorial in the future).
  • Bass notes only appear on the bass string, and show as a red bar across the entire fretboard. The bass string is picked with Z.
  • There are also now indicators of the points you get from each note, and particles when a string is hit or held. Hammer ons, multipliers and rewards all work in the same way.

(Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy is the only song properly charted for the new fretboard for all 3 difficulties. The other songs will work but are not optimised and do are not available in every difficulty)


  • New town: Ashmar (northeast of Corthold), no interiors yet
  • Quick travel between towns
  • Handful of new scenery sprites: piers, seagulls, stone paths etc
  • Time of day is saved upon character save


  • Can again pick up gold as an item
  • Improved clarity when deleting characters


  • Due to changes in how characters are saved, any characters saved before this update cannot be loaded. They will still exist on the drive, but unable to be loaded until I make a system to restore outdated saves.
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Not a large update, mostly under-the-hood work:


  • Rest of the interiors of the starting town, notably the windmill and luthier's hut.
  • Re-implemented locks and keys.
  • Basic console: ` key to toggle, only has a few basic commands (giveplayerlute, giveplayerstrings, giveplayergold [amount], changemap [name]).
  • Basic and ugly minimap: m to toggle and left click to view larger - contains info about NPCs and building names.


  • Due to changes in how items are programmed, gold is temporarily unavailable to be picked up as an item. Use console command in emergencies (see above).
  • Due to changes in how characters are saved, any characters saved before this update cannot be loaded. They will still exist on the drive, but unable to be loaded until I make a system to restore outdated saves.